All the testimonies below are from children who have been part of Powerpack meetings. An interview with Hannah - a nation shaker. At Faith Camp 2011 we interviewed children who are 'Nation Shakers' as part of our Powerpack connections across the world. Hannah was great - she had an amazing week and as you can hear it sounds like she had quite a year before too. Watch the interview here -  http://www.youtube.com/user/PowerpackTrust?feature=watch A Dark Place At first I was in a really dark place and I heard voices shouting at me. Then suddenly something grabbed my feet. It was dragging me backwards. (He was literally crawling on the floor trying to get away Editor). Then I saw a white person but the face was just bright lights. I grabbed for the hand that was held out by the person and then I knew that it was God. I went to heaven with him and saw people laughing and singing. I was so happy I had been saved by God.                                                                                  Hadrian aged 10 Editor: When he got up tears were running down his face and he said with amazement and excitment, ‘I’ve seen God, I’ve seen God and he told me he loved me’. A Protecting Angel ‘I had a picture of me in a cave. There was a scary man who was frightening children. I asked him why he didn’t get me. He said that there was a big man next to me and that it was an angel’.                                                                                                  Emily aged 8  Bowing before the throne When I was getting filled with the Holy Spirit I saw myself standing in front of an angel and she had a big book and she ticked my name off and pointed to Jesus. I went up to him and I was bowing before his throne and I kissed his hand.                         Jenny aged 10  Encounters The first day God talked to me and he said that he was going to show me something powerful and great. The next day he said that I will be a great person for hm. The same day he gave me a vision. The vision was that there were two paths. One was a very fun looking path that I could see the end to. The other path was a path that was kind of stony. It had slides going down to the other path. At the top there was a golden castle that had angels flying around it. The path that was fun looking is Satan’s path. This is because that path might have been very fun until I would have gotten to the end. The path that was kind of stony was God’s path. That is because there will be temptations for me along the way but I will stand strong for the Lord. When I was having my vision it was like I was in the vision but yet I was watching it. When I was going up to the great pillar there were slides going down to the other path. Those slides were the temptations of Satan.                         Becky aged 10  A Heart of God God told me that I have a heart of pure gold but I don’t know it yet.             Sally aged 9  Top of the List Last night I made God top of my list instead of TV and friends.               Hannah aged 9  A great weight gone? God lifted a great weight off me, now I could do anything for God.             Sarah aged 9  Released from Sadness I really had a good time with my friends and God at Powerpack and I was really blessed by the things God did for me. On Tuesday I was prayed for because I felt really sad because my mum and dad have split up and God released the sadness inside me and filled me with happiness. On the same evening I went forward for prayer because some of the people in my class at school were unkind to me and I had no-one to play with. I felt really sad and at Powerpack the sadness flowed out of me and I was able to enjoy the rest of the week, On Friday God told me that I will be a dance and now I speak in tongues without feeling embarrassed.  Michelle age 11