Children Preaching

The following children opted to be part of the preaching group at our Powerpack Academy. They had three training sessions of around 30 minutes each and then preached to hundreds of children before going on to preach at a Family Celebration with between 1500 and 2000 adults and children later in the day. Hear what they had to say by clicking on the links. Matthew was 10 years old and 12 children responded to become Christians after he had preached. Ciara was also 10 years old Callum really knew how to engage with his audience!!!

Other Preachers who are making an impact around the world

Moko the Boy Preacher - multitudes flock to hear this 8 year old preacher. In Nicaragua, even children preach - 12 year old boys regularly preach in revival meetings. Another 11 year old boy in Nicaragua has been preaching since he was 9 - he has preached to thousands of people in churches, parks, and even via the internet. Not a great video clip and in Spanish but you can take a look here!