God Using Children

OmKoi, Thailand - even 4 year olds are praying in revival.   Tinniest Vessels Respond to God - what happened with one little three year old girl, was so incredible, that if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they might not have believed it!

Joel Versus Poverty - one 6 year old boy's response to poverty.

Children's prayers in Honduras had a massive impact - 'intercessors, ranging from age 7 to 12 years old, have prevented major natural and political disasters'. 3 year olds experience God's power in China- a 3 year old with an amazing healing anointing!       A four year old desperate to share Jesus with everyone - 'do you know Jesus?' is one of his favourite questions. What happened to make him like this? Click on the link to read more.

The Emerging Prophetic Army of Children - read about how a hospital has to close because so many people got healed as a result of the prayers of the children as transformation comes to a community. This amazing story and many other great testimonies in Jennifer Toledo's book - Children and the Supernatural.

A Holy Spirit breakout at Bethel Christian School, Redding, California - amazing God encounters over a two day period with the staff in awe of what God was doing.

An Unexpected God Encounter - God spoke to a group of children and when they obeyed they were able to minister to an adult.