Children In History

Visions Beyond the Veil by H. A Baker - An amazing story of children being taken to heaven and experiencing the glory of God. Children Under Great Conviction of Sin - God at work in Scotland in 1742 and 1861 Children and John G Lake - there are many instances of children being used in the ministry of this great healer. Revival in the Congo in the 1950's - adults challenged by children! Children's Prayer Meetings in Wales 1816 - children find prayer an enjoyable experience and the next year revival comes to the area. Children in the 1859 revival in Liverpool, UK - children touched powerfully by God in school! Children in the Azusa Street Revival - children play in the glory cloud! Children used by God in the revival of 1859 in Scotland -an elder of the Scot's Free Kirk was horrified one night to arrive home and find his fourteen year-old daughter preaching to a house full of people listening intently. Renee Martz -in little more than a year Renee preached to audiences totaling 200,000 in virtually every major city in the world. Children's Prayer Meetings in Scotland - in 1860 hundreds of children met regularly for prayer!