Renee Martz

Renee Martz was a young girl that God used powerfully. Below are a number of articles etc that feature her. The Voice of Healing Vol 1 April 1948 7 year old Renee Martz of Los Angeles, California loves dolls, animals, travelling and chewing gum but her heart belongs to evangelism. Milwaukee Journal March 8 1948 (p31) 7 year old Renee Martz has followed the sawdust trail all over the world. In little more than a year Renee has preached to audiences totaling 200,000 in virtually every major city in the world. ‘Of this number’ says her father jack Martz ‘Renee has led 6,000 souls to the altar to confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ.,3650569 Read more in The St Petersburg Times February 3rd 1951 (page 18) Renee Martz Girl Evangelist to Speak Here,1054917 Little Girl Evangelist also wants a ‘poodle’ haircut The Owosso Argus-Press - Feb 11, 1952 (page 7),4470163 Short reports/ adverts from diigitised newspapers

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