Children’s Prayer meetings in Scotland

Harry Sprange has made a study of children in the history of the church, with an emphasis on revival. His study focused on 300 years of Scottish church history, from the eighteenth-twentieth century and has been published in Children in Revival (Christian Focus). He too makes many references to the fervent prayer of children. He records one incident in an institution in Edinburgh on 1741 when the house-mistresses were woken up with the voices of the girls in prayer and praise. In April 1742 in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow, sixteen children were meeting in a barn to pray in preference to play. And in Cambuslang a group of children between the ages of nine and thirteen were meeting together for prayer three times a day. At Carrubbers Close Mission in Edinburgh in 1860 hundreds of children met regularly for prayer. At the time people said that their prayers were a challenge and rebuke to older believers. Children’s prayer meetings were also prevalent in the 1904 Welsh Revival. Many took place in school playgrounds.

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