Children in the 1859 revival in Liverpool

Attached to a chapel where revival services were being held was a school of two to three hundred children from the surrounding neighbourhood. During the first week, while the revival services were being held in the chapel a few children of the day school were seen earnestly seeking mercy. The next morning, the teacher of the school, rose at the early hour, and, while pleading for the rapid spread of the revival, and particularly that the work that had commenced among the children might go on, she had the assurance that God was going to work mightily. That morning, before the usual school duties were commenced, she taught the children the text "Now is the accepted time, behold today is the day of salvation." She then requested the children to remain silent for a few moments, and reflect upon the word "now." She broke the solemn silence by praying audibly; when she heard stifled sobs all around her, and on rising from prayer she found herself surrounded by a large number of deeply convicted children. Some cried out, "Oh, teacher, pray for us," whilst others, leaning upon her shoulder, sobbed out, "Oh, teacher, we will give our hearts to Jesus." She then asked all that had fully resolved to come to Jesus to follow her from the schoolroom to the chapel vestry. The vestry was immediately filled, and some, unable to get in, were kneeling outside the vestry door. 1859 Revival in Liverpool

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