Tinniest Vessels Respond to God

This is a report of an event that happened in 1995 but it serves to show just how God can use even very young children. (Taken fro Spread the Fire Magazine Dec 1995)

“We had only read about the Holy Spirit falling on children, but had never seen such a thing”, said Victor Richards , pastor of the Vino Nuevo church in Juarez, Mexico.
And when we did, words were inadequate to describe the night.

On Saturday August 26th Wesley Campbell was ministering when 80 or more children were significantly touched and then used of God to touch others. In Richard’s own words what happened with one little three year old girl, was so incredible, that if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they might not have believed it.

‘With no-one guiding her, she took the initiative to go from one person to another (there were approximately 2,000 in attendance) laying hands on (the knees) of several dozens of them, including tall and very large men. Almost everyone fell immediately to the floor as if they had been shot. Upon touching the floor, some began weeping, others lay motionless for periods of time and some laughed. Various children were doing similar things.