Children in the Azusa Street Revival

As they turned the corner, the little three-year-old could see the dingy white warehouse that people crowded into 24 hours a day. Although she was just over three years old, the journey was a daily affair and with the evening dampness in the air, she couldn’t wait to get inside the Azusa Street meeting place. Now a daily tradition, she would take in all the excitement that filled the room, marveling and wondering about all that was happening around her. Although the child didn’t understand why people were shouting and crying, nor the miracles that were taking place, she liked the atmosphere. But, what she liked most was that in a few minutes after entering the room, Mom would find her seat and she would be able to crawl under the pew, get comfortable, and take a nap. This toddler had also become comfortable with the thick mist that filled the room. Being in a playful mood when she woke up from her nap, she would try to gather the mist into her arms. She loved the cloud that filled the Azusa Street Warehouse for almost three and one-half years during what is now historically called the Azusa Street Revival. It would be a few years before she was old enough to understand that she was trying to capture the Shekinah Glory of God. As a mere child, she literally breathed the Shekinah Glory into her young, developing lungs. She experienced Azusa through the eyes and mind of a young toddler. Although her mind could not comprehend all that was going on around her, she knew she was in a very special place among some very special people at a very special time. As she grew older, she would learn of the miracles and Presence of God in the form of the Shekinah Glory—so thick during those meetings—where she found comfort under the pew. She would be able to tie together the experiences recalled by family and friends with the experiences her heart captured but her mind was unable to comprehend at that tender age. This story was told by Jean Darnall, who followed in the steps of Aimee Semple-McPherson. Azusa Street: They told Me their Stories

3 year olds experience the power of God in China

In China, even 3-year-olds experience the power of God. The Religious Affairs Bureau of China permits Christians to meet only in state-sanctioned churches, and strict laws forbid members to evangelize, talk about healing or minister to anyone under the age of 18. But this has not stopped Christians in the underground house-church movement from reaching children and youth. In fact, the Holy Spirit is using teen-agers--and even children as young as 3--to reach the multitudes in the world's most populous nation. Leaders of the New Wine House Church, a growing network of churches in China, told Charisma about a 3-year-old boy living on China's east coast who has an unusual healing anointing. The little boy's grandmother carries him from house to house and asks him to lay his hands on the sick and pray for them. Many people are healed in this simple door-to-door ministry. "Recognizing the gift of God within him, the boy's family carries him all over to do the healing ministry," a church leader said. Another house-church leader said a widely reported miracle involving a 4-year-old boy resulted in his father being brought to faith in Christ two years ago. The boy's father and grandmother didn't like the fact that the boy's mother preached the gospel every night, so the father decided to divorce his wife. While the boy's parents were in the courtroom, a man rushed in and announced: "Don't fight anymore. Your child is very sick!" By the time the couple had returned home, their son was dead. The husband blamed the death of the child on his Christian wife. But he told her: "If you pray and our son is raised from the dead, I will become a Christian." Every day for four days the wife carried the boy to a nearby house-church meeting and requested prayer. On the fourth day, her son began to cry. When the woman's husband came home from work that day and saw their son playing in the back yard, he was convinced of the power of God and surrendered his life to Christ. In another province, an 8-year-old boy was so touched by the worship choruses he heard during a house-church meeting that he gave his heart to Christ and began speaking in tongues. With the fire of God burning in his heart, he went home and asked his parents, grandparents and relatives to believe in Jesus. After his entire family chose to follow Jesus, this boy continued to preach under a fiery anointing to hundreds of China's unsaved. Today he is the youngest evangelist in the New Wine House Church movement. Taken from

Tinniest Vessels Respond to God

This is a report of an event that happened in 1995 but it serves to show just how God can use even very young children. (Taken fro Spread the Fire Magazine Dec 1995)

“We had only read about the Holy Spirit falling on children, but had never seen such a thing”, said Victor Richards , pastor of the Vino Nuevo church in Juarez, Mexico.
And when we did, words were inadequate to describe the night.

On Saturday August 26th Wesley Campbell was ministering when 80 or more children were significantly touched and then used of God to touch others. In Richard’s own words what happened with one little three year old girl, was so incredible, that if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they might not have believed it.

‘With no-one guiding her, she took the initiative to go from one person to another (there were approximately 2,000 in attendance) laying hands on (the knees) of several dozens of them, including tall and very large men. Almost everyone fell immediately to the floor as if they had been shot. Upon touching the floor, some began weeping, others lay motionless for periods of time and some laughed. Various children were doing similar things.