An Idea Begins

In October 2010 I was in Argentina and one night I had a dream. In the dream someone asked me the question 'If you could do any job in the world with no financial or location restrictions, what would you want to do'. To my surprise I answered immediately 'that I would want a job recording testimonies of what has done and sharing them with others.' The next morning I read the next chapter in a book that I had been reading one chapter of, each day and in the middle of the chapter I was stunned when I read 'If you could do any job in the world, with no financial and location restrictions what would it be?' I knew God was speaking to me but I wasn't exactly sure of what it meant. When I returned home I was sharing the above with one of my team members and he immediately said, 'Why don't you do it, start a blog and share testimonies of what God is doing with and through children around the world'. Within an hour this blog was created and my hope and prayer is that many children, parents, pastors and leaders will be inspired as they read of what God has done and is doing among children around the world. My intention for this blog is that it will inspire and equip children's leaders, pastors and children. I hope also that many people will be prepared to share the testimonies that they have in order that everyone can be encouraged by all that God has done and is doing. Please send them to me ( and if appropriate I will add them to this blog. The root word of testimony implies 'repeat'  or 'do it again' so my prayer is that reading  these testimonies will cause them to happen again! Heather Thompson